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Born and raised in Alaska I have been performing and pursuing the arts since elementary school. Living in Alaska exposed me to the kind of life where expression and imagination were key forms of entertainment. When I was 16 we relocated to Washington State, where I immediately began attending school overseas in the Dominican Republic. Talk about a shift in realities- small town Alaska to a third world Spanish speaking country of 3 million. Believe it or not, it was there which my pursual of Theater and Acting took hold once again as my creative outlet. After graduating High School in Santo Domingo, I was accepted to Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington where I graduated in 2010 with a B.A. in Performing Arts.


Bellingham is where Acting, Photography, and Production became the main focus of my life. I earned, was offered, and cultivated so many opportunities and friendships in Bellingham, it has given me the experience and skills to bring my puruits to Los Angeles!    


So far here in L.A. I have been networking, marketing, and creating with some extremely talented people and want to continue bringing my experience and outlook into all facets of Performance, Photography, and Marketing in this awesome city! Let's get together!

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